Welcome To Minnesota Gun Class - Online

Personal Protection Plans

  • How Common is Violent Crime?
  • Why is Conflict Avoidance Important?
  • Situational Awareness
  • The Color Codes of Awareness
  • Observing Our Environments
  • Planning for Home Defense

Welcome To Minnesota Gun Class - Online

Self-Defense Firearm Basics

  • Four Universal Safety Rules
  • Clearing Handguns
  • Additional Safety Considerations
  • Double Action vs. Single Action
  • Revolver and Semi-Automatic Examples
  • Ammunition Malfunctions

Welcome To Minnesota Gun Class - Online

Shooting Fundamentals

  • Proper Grip
  • Stance: Body and Arm Positions
  • Point Shooting
  • Sight Shooting
  • Flash Sight Picture
  • Trigger Control

Welcome To Minnesota Gun Class - Online

Legal Use of Force

  • Legal Definition of Reasonable Force
  • Legal Definition of Deadly Force
  • Understanding the Force Continuum
  • When can Deadly Force be Used
  • Defense in the Home
  • Defending Property

Welcome To Minnesota Gun Class - Online

Legal Aftermath

  • Understanding Fight or Flight
  • Physiological Reactions to Stress
  • When We Have No Other Choice
  • When the Right to Use Force Ends
  • The Immediate Aftermath
  • Dealing with the Police

Welcome To Minnesota Gun Class - Online

Gear and Gadgets

  • Explaining Holster Retention
  • Types of Holsters
  • Securing Your Firearms
  • Belts, Lights and Lasers

Online Permit to Carry Class

Upon successful completion of this online class and a shooting qualification with an instructor, you can apply for your Minnesota Permit to Carry which will allow you to carry in 35 states.

The Minnesota hybrid training program allows students to complete their classroom coursework online (Phase 1), followed by an in-person shooting qualification session (Phase 2) with a Minnesota Gun Class Certified Instructor. This two-phase structure ensures comprehensive learning and skill development. The course fee includes this hands-on range training, with sessions conveniently scheduled throughout Minnesota. Upon completion of range training, students will be awarded their Proof of Training Certificate. Please note, attendance at a range session is only mandatory if you intend to apply for a Minnesota Permit to Carry.

US Gun Class proudly serves thousands of students nationwide through our live training programs each month. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience, we've designed an unrivalled online concealed carry class. This course condenses information from our live classes into 12 concise lessons, each approximately 10 minutes long. Experience our superior training method that marries flexibility and comprehensiveness for the best possible learning experience.

$99 Plus Range Fee

What you will learn

Personal Safety

Enhance your understanding of personal safety strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones in various situations.

Handgun Safety

Learn essential firearm safety practices to ensure responsible and secure handling of handguns at all times.

Handgun Fundamentals

Develop a strong foundation in key handgun techniques, empowering you to operate and shoot effectively.

Handgun Operation

Learn the complete range of handgun operation methods, catering to different types of firearms.

Handgun Selection

Receive guidance in choosing a handgun for your needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and effective concealed carry experience.

Physiological Reactions to Violent Encounters

Understand the body's natural responses to high-stress situations and learn how to manage them during a violent encounter.

Handgun Shooting

Acquire the skills and techniques needed for accurate and confident handgun shooting in self-defense scenarios.

Legal Use of Force

Gain insights into the legal aspects of using force in self-defense situations, ensuring you stay within the boundaries of the law.

Legal Aftermath

Navigate the potential legal consequences of using a firearm in self-defense, from immediate response to long-term considerations.

Gear and Gadgets

Explore the latest equipment and accessories available to enhance your concealed carry experience and effectiveness.

State Carry Law

Familiarize yourself with the specific laws and regulations governing concealed carry within your state to ensure compliance.

Range session

Apply your newly acquired skills in a live-fire environment at the range, under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Gain the knowledge, skill and ability
to protect yourself and your family.

At Minnesota Gun Class, we are proud to have served over 50,000 residents throughout the state, providing top-notch Permit to Carry certification courses. Our classes cater to all skill levels, from novices to experienced shooters, offering a comprehensive introduction to handguns and self-protection for newcomers.

Upon successfully completing our course, you'll be eligible to apply for both a Minnesota Permit to Carry and a Florida Concealed Weapon License. With a Minnesota permit, you can enjoy the freedom to carry across 33 states.

As a student at Minnesota Gun Class, you can expect nothing but the best in terms of instructional quality and engaging course materials. Our team of United States Concealed Carry Association Instructors is licensed to utilize their outstanding training curriculum, ensuring that our PowerPoints, videos, and training books are the industry's finest.

Choose Minnesota Gun Class for an unparalleled learning experience, knowing that you're receiving the highest caliber of training available.

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